Are you a tea traveller? Is that a thing? It totally should be. No matter, check out the top 5 tea regions with tea statistics, practices/culture, recipes and tea accompaniments they are famous for.


Taiwan’s tea (çay) culture has steeped for hundreds of years making it one of the top five tea growing countries. It produces about 6-10% of the world’s tea, most of which is consumed domestically, according to last year’s Euro monitor report Black tea is the most popular hot beverage in Taiwan. Taiwan is popular for its high mountain oolong tea also known as Dong ding, the Taiwanese tea ceremony is an important part of the local culture that has existed for over 400 years, it has several stages with variation depending on the type of tea you are using.

2.Sri Lanka

Sri Lankas believe that their water has magical ability that not only helps in the growth but also brewing of their tea, Sri Lankans drink very strong black tea with milk and sugar and one way to wind down a busy day is by sharing a pot in the afternoon, Sri Lanka has special tea called Ceylon which has been known since the 19th century, Ceylon is made up of a wide range of tea types including white tea, green tea and black tea, milk is one of the most popular complements to Ceylon tea and it should only be added to a strong brewed back tea.


The Hindi word for tea is “chai” derived from “cha” the Chinese word to mean tea, in India, tea is typically consumed with both milk and sugar and tea leaves as flavoring. Tea was introduced by the British to India and has become Indian to the core over the years. Tea is a regular entertainer, source of living, refreshing drink and an excuse for discussion. India is best known for black tea like Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri. In 2020, the consumption of tea in India was approximately one billion kilograms, this increased consistently throughout the year making India the second largest producer of tea in the world.


From English breakfast to Nobel blends like earl gray, tea is a prominent feature of the British culture on society served in mugs and contains a variety of recipes like subtle hints of lavender, vanilla syrup and steamed milk, consumption is higher among 30 to 40 year olds and of which 17% drink a daily minimum of six  cups which is not the case with 18-24 year olds who drink 12%. Tea in London is paired with a wide range of foods from exotic and spicy cuisine to chocolate dessert. London is famous for the earl gray and Prince of whale tea.


There’s a place in Kyoto called Yamashiro which is famous for producing Japan’s tea and tea from a village called “Uji-cha” which means “Uji tea” .This is known throughout the world and popular as the land where the tea varieties were born (streamed, dried and rolled) in the past 800 years, Uji cha is considered to be one of the top three major tea in Japan (uji-cha, shizuoka-cha, sayam-cha) Uji tea has a long history of tea culture and therefore has many tea houses that provide tea ceremony experience including Taihoon, Nakamura  And many more.

There you have it, thanks for checking out our top 5 picks tea regions in the world.